19th July 2016



Q. What is a converted lead?

A. A converted lead is a lead that comes to us with your WOI Affiliate link, we then handle this enquiry to convert them to a paying customer. A Paying customer is a converted lead.

Q. How do I get paid?

A. We pay direct to your PayPal account, Bank, this is done within 24hrs of the business opportunity being taken up by someone

Q. I see that business opportunity seekers that can take up a website can pay in instalments.

A. Yes correct we do this to help someone take up an area, region or territory, this encourages them to take up the opportunity and can spread the cost of joining, which for you as an affiliate is excellent news.

If as an example someone joins with 3 locations (3 websites) at £789 GBP each
this would bring in to us £2,367 GBP you would make 45% giving you £1,065 GBP affiliate commission.

If the business opportunity seeker wanted to take the option of paying over 3 months
then you would get your £1,065 over 3 months, e.g £355 GBP each month for 3 months

If he failed to pay after say the 2nd month, they would lose the 1st payment and the site would be available again. There is no claw back to you.

Q. Can I promote the WOI Business Opportunity anywhere around the world?

A. Yes, we can operate into 193 countries, all sites are personalised for a area, region or territory. We can a do operate in ALL countries so you a free to promote the WOI Business Opportunity globally.

Q. Do I have any dealings or have to speak with those that are looking at the WOI Business Opportunity?

A. No, we have a dedicated sales team that handle all negotiations, these are skilled at business development and will take the business opportunity seeker through the whole opportunity and benefits for their area, region or territory.

Q. What is the average time frame from someone looking at the WOI Business Opportunity and them taking up the opportunity?

A. 3-5 days normally, this is from the start of talks with them, until the first banking is made.

Q. If someone has taken up the WOI Business Opportunity and then cancels how does that affect me as a WOI Affiliate?

A. It has NO effect on you or your affiliate commission, we do not offer any refund to the WOI Business Opportunity seeker, so your affiliate commission is protected.

Q. Can I produce my own affiliate marketing promotional material?

A. Yes for sure, if you have any doubt about the legality of promotional material you are producing send to sales@watsoningroup.com for us to view and approve it.
What we don’t want is affiliates spamming, this will affect the good reputation on the WOI Business Opportunity.

Q. Is there any restrictions on where I can post the WOI Business Opportunity?

A. None, FB, Social media channels, YouTube, email broadcast, Solo ads, blogs, forums, chat rooms, personal contacts, BNI, news rooms, newsletters, there are 1000’s of locations around the world where you can promote the WIO Business Opportunity.

Q. What support do you offer?

A. Apart from the excellent Affiliate Members Area which is updated on a regular basis we offer email support at sales@watsoningroup.com

We also email you with “Hot locations” for you to target your advertising campaigns, this is important as, as an example we may say we have 6 sites now available in the USA and you can laser your affiliate ad campaigns to those areas

Q. Is there any upper limit to the amount of affiliate commission I can make?

A. No, we payout to affiliates 45% of monies we receive of sales generated from the WOI affiliate link.

Q. What is a WOI Business Opportunity Master Membership?

A. A WOI Business Opportunity Master Membership is someone who has taken 6 or more websites in an area, region or territory. As an example, Let’s say someone from the State of California wanted the “Exclusive” rights for the whole state, and after negotiations is was decided that to cover the whole state they would need 12 websites.

12 websites x £789 GBP is £9,468 GBP your 45% would give you £4,260 GBP in affiliate commission.

Q. How can I track all enquires I am generating that are coming to you?

A. As enquires come to us with your affiliate link embedded, we will personally email you and let you know we will also let you know of progress and update you on a regular basis. You can also email us at any time.

Q How can I track the effectiveness of my campaigns?

A. You can supply us with your Goggle Analytics code and from there you will be able to analyses your results.