High Commissions

17th July 2016


High Affiliate Commission

We offer one of the highest affiliate commission pay outs within the industry.
$200 to $1,000+ for each lead that we convert that comes via your affiliate link.

Here is an explanation on our commission structure and pay outs.

We offer to the opportunity seeker the opportunity to acquire a unique personalised “Whats On In” currency+signstheme websites or Master Membership.

They can chose their location, territory, postcode area or region. Each website is personalised to that location, territory, postcode area or region.

Our skilled sales team deals with all enquires on a one on one basis, taking them through the advantages of multiple locations and possible Master Memberships which is normally 6 sites.

As all sites and locations are personalised we do not know until final negotiations what the final price will be.

Your minimum Affiliate will be $200 and this could rise to $1,000+ on multiple sites.

We payout to Affiliates on average 45% commission of all monies received from the person who is taking up
the Whats On In Franchise.

A typical  example might be someone taking up 3 Whats On In websites from anywhere around the world at £789 GPB each, total received by us £2,367 your 45% Affiliate commission £1,065

We payout direct to your PayPal account, Bank or payment request of your choice.